Retain IT50 End Post

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Easy to use solution for creating solid, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls from timber sleepers

Whites Retain-iT provides a snug fit so that the sleeper is dropped in and immediately secure. No packing or fastening is required.

Available in three configurations:

    • Corner Post - for perfect 90Ð? degrees corners
    • Joiner Post - for joining sleepers in a straight line
    • End Post - for a neat finish to your wall

As functional as it is beautiful, the system has the strength and long-life of high tensile, galvanised steel; and, is flexible enough to cater to single, double and triple sleeper heights.

Retain-iT 50mm systems suit timber sleepers that are 50mm wide. For 75mm wide sleepers use, .

Handy Hints:

    • When installing Retain-iT, concrete one post at a time adding sleepers as you go to ensure a straight wall
    • For a different look, add a layer of timber capping to the top of the wall - it makes for great seating too
    • Designed with 15Ð? degrees tolerance,so you can create 'curved' walls at special angles