Stock-ade ST-315 Impulse Fencing Gun

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Cordless Power Staple SystemST-315i CordlessThe ST-315i cordless power stapler combines faster fencing with hose-free portability in a gas cartridge gun. Driving 3.15mm staples at a rate of up to 2 staples per second, the unit is lightweight and comfortable and there is no need for an air compressor.

  • Impulse technology - portable, no need for a compressor
  • High output design - drives up to 2 staples per second
  • Adjustable depth of drive - better staple placement, prevents wire damage

ST-315i staples and fuel cell packs, each pack contains enough fuel for every staple in the pack.

  • Available in 33mm & 40mm, with a 3.15mm wire diameter
  • Superior driving and improved holding
  • Hot-dipped galvanised

Exclusively distributed in Australia by Whites Rural.